If I hear this one more time..

I am so seriously tired of hearing, “oh you think that NOW”.

I get it. I’ve never had a baby before, been through labor, tried to raise a child, etc and so on. I also understand that it’s amusing for parents who have already been through it to hear someone who hasn’t yet say, “well we plan on.. (whatever)” and just know that odds are that ain’t how it’s gonna happen. However, it COULD happen that way and I really just like to have a plan. Maybe, I’ll laugh with you in 6 months when you were right and baby-wearing 24/7 definitely didn’t work out. Right now though understand that I literally hear some version of “that’s what you think now” pretty much every time I open my mouth regarding some piece of my plan.

Therefore, for your safety STOP SAYING IT.

That’s all for today.


Things I will not miss about pregnancy

Not being able to get comfortable EVEN in maternity clothes.
How eating ice gives me heartburn.
Okay, how eating anything gives me heartburn.
Not being able to sleep through the night.
Feeling like a whale, I don’t care how “small” my bump is to you.. to me it’s huge.
Not being allowed to drink as much wine as I want.
Being tired even when I get 10 hrs of sleep, but probably because its in bits and pieces.
Baby hiccupping inside me. I know it sounds cute.. but its not. Not after the 300th time.
Not being able to play with my dogs.
Not wanting sex. That’s right.. not just HAVING sex but wanting it.
People only wanting to talk to about baby stuff. I swear I’m still interested in something other than the adorable parasite in my uterus.
People wanting to talk about anything OTHER than my adorable parasite. Hormones. They’re a bitch.
The feeling of having NO control over my body.
Unsolicited advice and people assuming things about my birthing plan, child-rearing plan, whatever.
Being hot all the time.
Being twitchy all the time.
Not being able to get comfortable. Yes, I had to put it on here again because I am LITERALLY never comfortable. Sometimes less uncomfortable than other times. But never comfortable.

I started this post with some other intention but it became that list of gripes. I could probably add more but those are the ones on the top of my head.

6 and a half weeks to go.

Week 24

Well I’ve definitely fallen behind in updating. Unfortunately my nausea and throwing up lasted well into week 20-22 of my pregnancy. However, I’ve gotten on a new medication called Diclegis and it’s been great. I still occasionally have days when I find myself hovering over the toilet but very rarely is it anything that lasts all day. Thank goodness.

Other symptoms have included heartburn, trouble sleeping, and beginning about two weeks ago the frequent potty breaks! I’ve also finally bumped out enough to be forced to buy maternity clothes. Thank goodness for all the options out there! I’m trying to shop the sales because I really don’t know yet what my body is going to be like after baby.

Even if I lose the baby weight my bra size is still likely to be much bigger then before since I plan on breastfeeding. However, I do not know if the maternity shirts will fit right on a slimmed down waist. Just going to have to wait and see!

Right now I’m trying to buy plain v-neck maternity shirts that I can wear under my cardigans. That way I’m not spending a lot on clothes I won’t be able to wear for more than the next 3-6 months. I also had some maternity clothes donated to me by friends and that helped a lot. I would definitely recommend asking friends and family if they look around your size and height if they have anything you can borrow or have.

We also found out at the end of June that we are having a little BOY! Yay! I’m so excited and so is my husband. I still have not decided on how I want to decorate the nursery yet but that is coming. Of course Pintrest if full of ideas but I’m going to try not to go too crazy. We’ll see.

As soon as we do start working on it I’ll have pictures up!

week 13! (forgot to post this one!)

Finally have made it to the second trimester. Unfortunately my nausea and vomiting did not get the memo that this trimester is supposed to the good one. I was in the hospital Friday getting fluid and meds because I could not stop throwing up. It was awful.

However, Monday we got new ultrasound pictures and that was fantastic! My dear husband also decided that he did want to find out of the gender after all and so we asked the nurse to give us her best guess. She said a girl! When we asked the doctor he said nope, a boy! So we still have no idea. Everything is still so small. Baby is only about 3 inches long right now.

So before I actually became pregnant and was so excited about all those cute maternity outfits you see and those tiny adorable girls with their little bumps. I knew that was going to be me. How wrong I was. Since I have been so sick I haven’t even cared about maternity clothes shopping. Oh well, maybe later!