Why I can’t sit still.

It used to drive me crazy when my mom would not sit still. We’d all pick out a movie and sit down to watch it and she’d jump up to go put some dishes away. She would leave to go change laundry over. Next thing we knew we hadn’t seen her for half an hour because she’d been in her room folding clothes. I never understood why she wouldn’t just sit and watch the movie with us.

However, just yesterday my mom and I were out running errands while baby L was with my dad. I asked if we could pop by my house so I could let my dogs out and she said that was fine she’d wait in the car. So I ran in and let them out and then picked up the bedroom, made the bed, put the dishes away, and took out the trash. Then we left. And I realized, I had become my mother.

Before my sweet baby had been born I probably would have let the dogs out and plopped on the couch for 10 minutes checking Facebook and reading e-mails. Not now. Now any minute that my hands aren’t full of baby is a minute I must use. It is a precious minute. And I don’t mean any minute that he’s somewhat occupied by a toy, because seriously.. that only lasts about 6 seconds before he’s off trying to open the TV stand door to get to the Xbox or pull the cat’s tail. So while I can sometimes get a few things accomplished while keeping an eye on him.. it never feels like much.

So I must say, sorry mom. I won’t ever tease you about not being able to sit still again. Probably.


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