You can’t leave your baby

I’m not sure why I had the illusion that my son and I would be busy all day long while I was at home with him. I’m also not sure why I thought he’d be busy playing with his toys while I did my Martha Stewart impression and cooked and cleaned and filed taxes (oops). Instead, he wants my attention ALL the time. Except when he crawls away from me. Then its cool. Heaven forbid though that I leave the room or even get up off the floor, even if he is totally immersed in something else.

He can be happily banging one of my wooden spoons against a pot, totally ignoring me, until I get up. Then boy am I in trouble. He immediately begins to wail and crawl over so I can pick him up.

On the flip side though he can just take off whenever he pleases. We’ll be in the middle of building a tower with his blocks and he’ll just take off for another room. Completely out of my sight, not a care in the world. Maybe I should start wailing then and see how he likes it.

Anyway, needless to say it has put a serious crimp in my homemaking plans. Oh well, I’d rather sit on the floor and watch the delight in his face every time he manages to connect that spoon to the pot.


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