Teething time #1 over?

I think we are finally over the hump on the first two teeth. He has started to settle down again at night and isn’t so grumpy during the day. I swear there for awhile I had a completely different child. I wasn’t sure if I had just lucked out for the first 7 months and gotten this happy little man and this was our new life or if it was just teething. Seems to have just been teething though and he’s back to my smiley boy.

Except now instead of those cute gummy smiles he has two little bottom teeth poking up, they are pretty adorable too!

I’ve also finally moved to putting him down for naps in his crib. He used to just sleep on our bed during nap time but he has gotten far too mobile for that. So now I nurse him while walking around his room and then.. siiigh.. climb in his crib and put him down. Yes, climb in. In my defense I’m about 5’2″ and after we lowered the crib its really hard for me to reach down in there and put him down gently. I’d pretty much have to drop him in. So instead I climb in, rock him in my arms a bit more and then ease him down. Sometimes I end up nursing him side-by-side in the crib if he is really fussy. Definitely some advantage to being short.. I can squeeze in there.

Anyway, I am so glad that teething time number one is over! I am dreading however the next set to come in. Still if we can make it through this.. we can make it through anything.


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