OMG Teething!


I was so excited, about 5 months old and we had finally hit a the time where he was sleeping through the night (aka about 5-6 hour stretch) and I could not have been more pleased. Sure, it wasn’t always the same hours and it still wasn’t EVERY night but I could almost count on it. So close enough. Then we went to Mexico and his sleep schedule was trashed but I was still almost getting those 5-6 hours on the reg. But then.. dun, dun, dun.. teething.

Suddenly my happy, sweet boy became this cranky monster that drooled like nobody’s business and didn’t think sleep was worth a second thought. One night his longest stretch of sleep was about 3 hours. Otherwise he was up every hour and a half and that was after not going down until about midnight. Then he slept until 3ish and was up for about an hour before going back to sleep. At this point I couldn’t really go back to sleep and well, let’s just say it was a rough day.

Now he has finally broken the bottom two teeth through and while adorable, I am dreading the next round. Can I do this again? Is there a place I can send him until it’s over? I’d totally come visit once he was medicated. Okay, just kidding. I love my little drooly monster too much to be separated from him for that long. Seriously though, teething sucks. It’s making me question a second child (sorry second child) but isn’t once going to be enough? Probably not, because the second he smiles or giggles or comes in for a snuggle I’m all a melty, gooey mess once again and can’t wait for round two of tiny baby snuggles.

Still.. teething sucks.


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