Updated Sleep Routine

Right now he is sleeping by himself, on our bed with the baby monitor about two inches from him. It has to be so close because I want to hear any time that kid even flinches. Why? He has finally learned to crawl and I have no doubt he would crawl right off our bed.

The good thing, he is sleeping BY HIMSELF. While that is amazing, I do have to admit he still got put to sleep with me nursing him. Then slowly easing away so I could actually leave him there instead of our usual nap routine, which is him sleeping on me. While that may not be any progress with the whole “sleep-training” it is making me a whole lot happier. I hadn’t realized how desperately I needed time away from him. Not that I really want to be AWAY, AWAY from him but I do need a few minutes without him attached to me in order to pick up the house, work on a grocery list, love on my dogs (or cats), catch up on my recorded shows, etc.

For me, this is progress and I’m happy with it. And to me as long as I’m happy and he’s happy (and his daddy is happy as long as we both are) then that is what works for us.

So co-sleeping will continue, for now.



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