The Hell That is Bedtime.


Naptime too but it didn’t fit into the title as well.

Well, my husband and I went on our wonderful trip to Mexico and our poor parents got to deal with our co-sleeping, comfort nursing 6 month old who suddenly found himself without his favorite pacifier. Me. They are rockstars and I love them, especially my mother-in-law who set up with him two nights in a row.

So when we got back we discovered that suddenly we could rock him to sleep, albeit, with some crying and then lay him in his crib and by some miracle he would sleep for a couple of hours. What was this magic?! Unfortunately, I undid their hard work by nursing my little angel to sleep once or twice and suddenly he was not wanting to sleep for a couple hours in his crib anymore.. it was back to needing to be nursed or at least have someone nearby. Thus begins my dilemma of how to get him to sleep without “crying it out”.

All I can think of when he is crying alone in his crib is that he is laying in there by himself and freaking out wondering where his mom is and why he is alone. Am I a sucker? Maybe. Am I going to apologize for how I feel as a mother? No. Even when my own mother laughed at me when I said that I would not let him cry it out, when I explained to her my plan. I. Will. Not. Feel. Bad. I want all mom’s and dad’s to repeat after me, I will not feel bad for worrying about my child. Ever. Now, that being said I do hope that when it comes to my little boy becoming a toddler I can hold back and let him get his bumps and bruises but with the being scared thing, I can’t be okay with thinking my kiddo is scared because I hate being scared and I won’t do that to him.

Back on track though, “sleep training” plan. It will most likely be in between crying it out and whatever is not CIO method because my hubby and I talked about it and even Mr. Tough Guy won’t let him cry it out. I asked, I offered to let him do bedtime/naptime for three days to “cry it out”. He said nope, he can’t do it either.

So we plan on at night giving him his bath, nursing, reading a book, singing him a lullaby, and then putting him down in his crib. We’ll lay him on his back and step away from the crib. If he fusses, let him fuss,  if he cries a little, then I’ll let him do that. If he cries a little more I’m going to pick him up and soothe him before it becomes THAT cry. You know, the one where they are screaming-crying. The one where it takes 30 minutes to soothe them afterwards. Yea, I don’t want to get anywhere NEAR that cry.

That’s the plan at least. Plans change, evolve, get modified and adapt to better usage so we’ll see how it goes.


First go so far has not been good. We decided since he is used to sleeping with us we would try to not change too much at once and put him to sleep in our bed. We did our bedtime routine, laid him on the bed and he rolled himself over so we patted his back and then the crying started. Then THE crying started and we picked him up too late. So 45 minutes later here I type. It took both of us alternating singing and walking with him as well as me nursing him for him to calm down and go to sleep. We did not let him get drowsy and then put him down. I stood at the side of the bed and sang until he fell asleep on my shoulder. I eased down on my bed and sang for a minute longer. Then I slid him off me and laid him down. Round 1 goes to baby.

P.S. For anyone reading this I do know all the baby rules. I do know all the sleep-training methods. I read. I research. I read some more. I’m doing what feels right to me as a mom and a parent. Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you. I very much back the “to each his own” motto.




2 thoughts on “The Hell That is Bedtime.

  1. i cant imagine how hard this must be. I’m due in september and am worried tremendously about how I will manage to get any sleep and still feel like a good mom if I get to this point and need to have them cry it out a bit. best of luck!! would love to hear how things turn out

    1. So far we are back to nursing to sleep until he gets on a schedule. We recently moved as well so poor kid doesn’t know what’s going on. I’ll update again on this for sure! Congrats and good luck!

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