5 things I did (or wish I did) before baby!

So my sweet little munchkin is now 13 months old and we are slowly (so very slowly) contemplating baby #2. It won’t be soon but I can see him (or her) as a possibility in the next few years. There are some things that I thought I would do before baby L came along and some of them I don’t mind that I skipped (custom baby hangers for each clothing size) and some that I do! So I’m making a list of things I refuse to skip next time around!

1. I premade freezer meals for at least 4-5 dinners. I wish I had done even more! Breakfast was easy enough and lunch really wasn’t so bad either but dinner became the second take-out meal of the day or resulted in a trip to the store as soon as my husband walked in the door. I wish I had stocked up on around 2 weeks worth of dinners. It would have been worth cleaning out the freezer for!

2. I never took pictures of my belly! I think I can count on one hand the pictures I have of me pregnant. If I were a celebrity people would think I had paid someone to carry my little man due to lack of proof. However, I threw up from about week 6 to week 36 of pregnancy so I really didn’t have the energy or desire to try to take cute pictures of me pregnant. What I never considered was that I could have just thrown on the one maternity dress I had and had my husband snap a picture from chest down. No one had to see my face!

3. I didn’t schedule a newborn photographer or take some of the special pictures I had planned. Thank GOODNESS I had my little sister bring my dad’s nice DSLR to the hospital to get some good shots. However, I had planned on having some pictures of just me, my husband, and baby before everyone swarmed in but I sort of forgot about that in the midst of the whole, I just had a baby thing! Next time I’ll give my sister or husband (if I think he’ll remember) a short list of pictures I want taken. Or just hire someone! At the time the cost seemed too much, now I’m wishing I had done it!

4. Asked my mom to come over and help clean the house before hand! My house could have really used a deep clean and I know my mother would have loved to come over and helped me scour tile before our first baby was born. Not that our house wasn’t clean but it would have been nice if we could have really gotten those dust bunnies taken care of before we came home from the hospital.

5. Load up on different kinds of healthy snacks. I was breastfeeding and I was hungry ALL THE TIME. My husband’s cousin gave us some homemade trail mix with dark chocolate and shelled pistachios, there were other things in there as well but mostly I remember that. It was delicious and I had a few handfuls every night in the middle of a nursing session. I’m not sure how healthy it was but it was mostly nuts, some dried fruit, and the dark chocolate. I also ate goldfish, popcorn (light butter), carrot sticks w/ nut butter, apple slices w/ nut butter, and crackers and hummus.

These are the five top things I’m going to remember to do next time. It will be more important that some of them get done, like number 1 and 5 because I’ll have a toddler to take care of as well!


Until next time!



I Breastfeed Because I’m Lazy

No, no I’m not kidding.

I started out with the best intentions. Breastfeeding was good for the baby. Breast is best and all that jazz. Then it kept up because I was dropping the pounds fast and still eating whatever landed in my hand. It continued past that and to this day because hot damn I don’t have to lug bottles and/or formula with me anywhere. Whoop, whoop! Not to mention the other numerous perks.

Baby cranky. Here’s a boob. Fell down and won’t stop crying. Here’s a boob. Won’t fall asleep. Here ya go! What I am going to do when I decide to wean him or he weans himself.. I have no clue. The boob is the crutch I lean on. I don’t have to fight him to sleep, rocking and walking and singing (most of the time) I can just pop him on and away he goes. Not all the time mind you, for example he’s teething right now and it takes the perfect storm to get him down. Typically though I am happily putting him down the easiest way I can. Because I’m lazy. Because it’s less tears. Less upset baby. Which in turn of course means a happier momma.

I’m sure in time something else will become our saving grace, some toy or song or blankie but for now I’ll happily possess the key to his happiness.

Oh boobs, what would I do without you.

Why I can’t sit still.

It used to drive me crazy when my mom would not sit still. We’d all pick out a movie and sit down to watch it and she’d jump up to go put some dishes away. She would leave to go change laundry over. Next thing we knew we hadn’t seen her for half an hour because she’d been in her room folding clothes. I never understood why she wouldn’t just sit and watch the movie with us.

However, just yesterday my mom and I were out running errands while baby L was with my dad. I asked if we could pop by my house so I could let my dogs out and she said that was fine she’d wait in the car. So I ran in and let them out and then picked up the bedroom, made the bed, put the dishes away, and took out the trash. Then we left. And I realized, I had become my mother.

Before my sweet baby had been born I probably would have let the dogs out and plopped on the couch for 10 minutes checking Facebook and reading e-mails. Not now. Now any minute that my hands aren’t full of baby is a minute I must use. It is a precious minute. And I don’t mean any minute that he’s somewhat occupied by a toy, because seriously.. that only lasts about 6 seconds before he’s off trying to open the TV stand door to get to the Xbox or pull the cat’s tail. So while I can sometimes get a few things accomplished while keeping an eye on him.. it never feels like much.

So I must say, sorry mom. I won’t ever tease you about not being able to sit still again. Probably.

You can’t leave your baby

I’m not sure why I had the illusion that my son and I would be busy all day long while I was at home with him. I’m also not sure why I thought he’d be busy playing with his toys while I did my Martha Stewart impression and cooked and cleaned and filed taxes (oops). Instead, he wants my attention ALL the time. Except when he crawls away from me. Then its cool. Heaven forbid though that I leave the room or even get up off the floor, even if he is totally immersed in something else.

He can be happily banging one of my wooden spoons against a pot, totally ignoring me, until I get up. Then boy am I in trouble. He immediately begins to wail and crawl over so I can pick him up.

On the flip side though he can just take off whenever he pleases. We’ll be in the middle of building a tower with his blocks and he’ll just take off for another room. Completely out of my sight, not a care in the world. Maybe I should start wailing then and see how he likes it.

Anyway, needless to say it has put a serious crimp in my homemaking plans. Oh well, I’d rather sit on the floor and watch the delight in his face every time he manages to connect that spoon to the pot.

Teething time #1 over?

I think we are finally over the hump on the first two teeth. He has started to settle down again at night and isn’t so grumpy during the day. I swear there for awhile I had a completely different child. I wasn’t sure if I had just lucked out for the first 7 months and gotten this happy little man and this was our new life or if it was just teething. Seems to have just been teething though and he’s back to my smiley boy.

Except now instead of those cute gummy smiles he has two little bottom teeth poking up, they are pretty adorable too!

I’ve also finally moved to putting him down for naps in his crib. He used to just sleep on our bed during nap time but he has gotten far too mobile for that. So now I nurse him while walking around his room and then.. siiigh.. climb in his crib and put him down. Yes, climb in. In my defense I’m about 5’2″ and after we lowered the crib its really hard for me to reach down in there and put him down gently. I’d pretty much have to drop him in. So instead I climb in, rock him in my arms a bit more and then ease him down. Sometimes I end up nursing him side-by-side in the crib if he is really fussy. Definitely some advantage to being short.. I can squeeze in there.

Anyway, I am so glad that teething time number one is over! I am dreading however the next set to come in. Still if we can make it through this.. we can make it through anything.

OMG Teething!


I was so excited, about 5 months old and we had finally hit a the time where he was sleeping through the night (aka about 5-6 hour stretch) and I could not have been more pleased. Sure, it wasn’t always the same hours and it still wasn’t EVERY night but I could almost count on it. So close enough. Then we went to Mexico and his sleep schedule was trashed but I was still almost getting those 5-6 hours on the reg. But then.. dun, dun, dun.. teething.

Suddenly my happy, sweet boy became this cranky monster that drooled like nobody’s business and didn’t think sleep was worth a second thought. One night his longest stretch of sleep was about 3 hours. Otherwise he was up every hour and a half and that was after not going down until about midnight. Then he slept until 3ish and was up for about an hour before going back to sleep. At this point I couldn’t really go back to sleep and well, let’s just say it was a rough day.

Now he has finally broken the bottom two teeth through and while adorable, I am dreading the next round. Can I do this again? Is there a place I can send him until it’s over? I’d totally come visit once he was medicated. Okay, just kidding. I love my little drooly monster too much to be separated from him for that long. Seriously though, teething sucks. It’s making me question a second child (sorry second child) but isn’t once going to be enough? Probably not, because the second he smiles or giggles or comes in for a snuggle I’m all a melty, gooey mess once again and can’t wait for round two of tiny baby snuggles.

Still.. teething sucks.

Updated Sleep Routine

Right now he is sleeping by himself, on our bed with the baby monitor about two inches from him. It has to be so close because I want to hear any time that kid even flinches. Why? He has finally learned to crawl and I have no doubt he would crawl right off our bed.

The good thing, he is sleeping BY HIMSELF. While that is amazing, I do have to admit he still got put to sleep with me nursing him. Then slowly easing away so I could actually leave him there instead of our usual nap routine, which is him sleeping on me. While that may not be any progress with the whole “sleep-training” it is making me a whole lot happier. I hadn’t realized how desperately I needed time away from him. Not that I really want to be AWAY, AWAY from him but I do need a few minutes without him attached to me in order to pick up the house, work on a grocery list, love on my dogs (or cats), catch up on my recorded shows, etc.

For me, this is progress and I’m happy with it. And to me as long as I’m happy and he’s happy (and his daddy is happy as long as we both are) then that is what works for us.

So co-sleeping will continue, for now.